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in the u.s., critical of the muslim prophet muhammad and it has been getting heavy play on the internet. the consulate was hit by rockets t was burnt down. u.s. and libyan force, respond but as hit apparently the vehicle which the ambassador and others were trying to flea the scene. libyan officials have apologized. they say they're looking for those responsible. one group suspected right now with allegiance to al qaeda but there are many militant groups operating in the post-qaddafi libya scene right now as we have seen first-hand. u.s. is also investigating, president obama saying that justice will be done. that team of marines is set to go to the compound and secure it. this followed as you noted, jon, the riot and assault on the u.s. embassy yesterday in cairo. protesters there also angry about that film. we have been in contact today with staffers at the embassy. they say things are going along okay today but there is more security, as there is more security beefed up and tensions beefed up throughout the region. we're already getting word from u.s. embassies in tunisia as well as
brand new video of embassy attack in libya when a angry mob stormed the u.s. consulate in benghazi killing four americans including the u.s. ambassador. the situation not calming down at all since then. thousands taking to the streets in cairo today near the u.s. embassy there. that country's president vows to protect american personnel. meantime yemen's president ordering an investigation into today's storming of the u.s. embassy in the capital city of sanaa. hundreds of rioters scaling that building there, setting fire to cars, tearing down and burning the american flag as well. greg palkot is following all of the breaking developments live from london. to yemen first, greg, what is the latest there? >> reporter: jon we've been to that embassy a few times. it is pretty well-fortified and pretty secure yet another u.s. embassy that has been targeted and targeted today it was. hundreds of protesters managed to scale the perimeter walls, break through the main gate and enter the security building in front of the compound of the embassy. they smashed windows and torched cars. securit
across the middle east. anti-american protests erupting as the u.s. clears out our personnel in some nation and issues travel warnings for others. we're live on the ground with the latest. back at home two men who want to be your next president repeg focusing their campaigns after a week of foreign policy. the economy is again front and center. who benefits more? a fair and balanced debate. >>> the royal family fires back over topless photos of a future queen. the legal action buckingham palace is taking today in the face after growing scandal. those stories and breaking news all "happening now.". >> fox news alert. the anti-american protests are now entering a second week all across the middle east, north africa and even beyond europe too. there has been a real weekend of deadly violence to tell you about. i'm jamie colby. i'm in for jenna lee. jon: thank you, jamie. thanks for coming in. also in lebanon the state department issuing a new travel warning for u.s. citizens this morning after hezbollah called for new protests there. in indonesia, protesters attacking police in jakarta
nations general assembly. i'm jamie colby in for jenna lee. jon: the president warning iran that the u.s. will quote, do what we must to prevent the rogue nation from acquiring a nuclear weapon and condemning the deadly wave of anti-american protests in the muslim world. take a listen. >> the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. the question then is how do we respond? and on this we must agree, there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. jamie: david lee miller is outside the united nations right now. david, give us some specifics on what the president said about the recent spike in violence targeting the u.s. in the muslim world? >> reporter: jamie, the president talked about combating extremism of all types and he began his speech interestingly enough by specifically talking about chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador who was killed in benghazi. he began his speech talking about chris stevens and he also chose to conclude his speech talking about the life and the death of chris stevens. the president said that the attacks at the last two weeks were not
at the scene of a bloody shootout that claimed the life the u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. william la jeunesse has been following the story from the very beginning and he joins us now live from los angeles. william, what did this long-awaited report actually find? >> reporter: well the inspector general's review revealed a stunning litany of what was known and ignored. atf agent and the u.s. attorney's office knew who was buying the guns, where they were going and they were killing people in mexico. they had the evidence to seize the weapons and make arrests but dozens of u.s. officials chose to do nothing. that irresponsibility according to the inspector general michael horowitz existed up and down the chain of command in "fast and furious" and lesser extent in a small and earlier operation, wide receiver. >> we concluded that both operation wide receiver and operation "fast and furious" were seriously flawed and supervised irresponsibly by atf's phoenix field division, by the u.s. attorney's office, and by atf headquarters. most significantly in their failure to adequately consider
of demonstrators in tahrir square after the friday prayers there, just blocks away from the u.s. embassy in cairo as the egyptian president appeals for calm on state television. in lebanon reports of at least one person killed as angry crowds burn american flags there, chanting anti-u.s. slogans and burning american businesses. in the northern lebanese city of tripoli as pope benedict xvi arrives for a three day visit there. in yemen a u.s. marine fast platoon is on the ground to bolster embassy security as yemen any forces fire warning shots and water cannons to keep protesters at bay. visiting the u.s. consulate in benghazi today expressing his sympathy for the killing of ambassador chris stevens there and three other americans earlier this week. we will try to keep a handle on this fast-breaking story as events in the middle east seem to be deteriorating but first right now brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: on that, the situation in the middle east shifting the focus on the campaign trail to foreign policy. governor romney trying to get back to talking about the economy. we're live i
africa. the terror group, urging muslims kill u.s. diplomats in the region. and anti-american protests breaking out in thailand. about 400 people taking a demonstration in bangkok at the u.s. embassy. you're seeing video of it there. protesters carrying signs and chanting down wit america, down with israel. these protests breaking out last week spreading to dozens of countries around the world. we have team coverage with catherine herridge in washington. connor powell from afghanistan. connor what happened? >> a dozen of employees of air charter solutions were on their way to the air kabul airport when minivan was hit by a vehicle packed with 12 explosives including eight south african employees with acs they fly diplomats around afghanistan and the region the taliban claimed responsibility. particularly noteworthy an offshoot of the taliban which has been negotiating with the u.s. and afghan government about peace. this is a rare attack by them. also because they say it was a female driver who was the suicide bomber. this is a country where women don't drive. it is a very rare attack
in situation. both pittsburgh and fbi s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene of a hostage situation taking place on the 16th floor of a downtown highway. the cw brightsman company we understand is the setting for all of this. an ex-military man we're told walked into that office this morning where apparently he used to work. asked for one individual in particular and has now taken hostages. it is not absolutely clear that the one person that he named is the person who is being held hostage. there might be as many as two hostages. we're told no shots have been fired. unknown weaponry involved and police say they have a visual wall on the suspect the they know who he is. they have brought his mother to the building to help deal with negotiations but so far the hostage situation continues in downtown pittsburgh on the 16th floor of a high-rise. no shots fired so far. we'll keep you updated as the hour rolls along. >> we will. brand new stories and more breaking news. jon: good to see you, arthel the white house is it calling the assault in lib libya a terrorist attack. what is the political fallout
economy. u.s. employers adding just 96,000 jobs last month. job creation now trailing last year's pace when you look at the first eight months of this year, which is the information that we have. the labor department says the unemployment rate is down. it is down to 8.1%. but only because more americans gave up looking for work. steve moore, senior economics writer at "the wall street journal." steve, big news today but only a snapshot of just one month. what is the most important headline to you? >> jenna, you gave the glass half-full which the unemployment rate did fall. that is a very positive thing. the negative, the glass half empty scenario, you're right the unemployment rate dropped because more and more americans dropped out of the labor force. that 96,000 jobs number may sound good to people but remember, jenna, we need 150,000 job as month to keep pace with the natural growth of the labor force, when people under the labor force graduating from college or new immigrants. so it was a pretty discouraging report coming just 10 hours after the president gave his speech last night
east as the white house seems open to other explanationing for last week's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >>> the end of an era. the space shuttle endeavour taking to the skies for its final journey. those storiesries and breaking news "happening now." jon: we welcome you to this wednesday edition of "happening now." a new battle of the tapes in the race for the white house. i'm jon scott. jenna: a battle of the tapes? not home video. different sort of tapes. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. as governor romney stands squarely behind the secretly recorded comments that 47% of voters are dependent on the government. the president is dealing with his own words on tape coming back to haunt him, back from way back in 1998. he was then state senator obama, talking about spreading the wealth. take a listen. >> i think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence, facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. jenna: john roberts i
the message tph-s their entirety. the video is posted online to mark the 9/11 anniversary, specifically there are no references in it to the worst attack on u.s. soil. he was considered a possible replacement for osama bin laden. it is confirmed in the video that he was killed in a drone strike in pakistan's tribal belt on june 4th. u.s. officials confirmed the death shortly after that strike. significantly, they say -- there is more evidence that the network's traditional leadership is eclipsed by the franchises a point made a short time ago at the pentagon memorial. >> we decimated the leadership of al-qaida, we have them on the run. we have made it difficult for them to plan and conduct another 9/11 attack, and while that group is still a threat we've dealt them a heavy blow, and we will to continue to fight them in yemen, in somalia, in north africa, wherever they go, to make sure they have no place to hide. >> it's worth repeating that u.s. officials have long maintained that the videos do not contain coded messages to trigger attacks. operatives act when the best opportunity prese
mcfarland. the u.s. officially transferring thousands of afghan prisoners to low control except for 50 inmates. who the prisoners are and what the u. plans to do with them is a all "happening now." jenna: start the clock but woe already have that one ticking down, right, jon? jon: what is it, 57 days to go? jenna: we need a little bug at the bottom of the screen. will it come up? wait for it. it will come up. less than two months to go before election day president obama seems to be getting a bounce from the democratic convention. we'll see how that bounce lasts. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. new polls show the president opening a narrow lead in a race essentially tied for months. rasmussen reports daily presidential tracker showing the president leading governor mitt romney 50-45% that is the largest lead mr. obama held over his republican rival since mid-march. so how long will the president's post-convention bounce last? byron york is chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner". is it real, first of all, byron, this presidential bounce in the polls? >> we
we are right now. mahmoud ahmadinejad expected to unleash more fiery words about the u.s. israel and other western powers. he's angry about economic sanctions imposed on iran because of his country's nuclear program, with the u.s. and many other nations convinced iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. meanwhile protestors are in the streets outside the u.n. right now, many of them iranian americans calling for the hand over of iran's u.n. seat to a group called the iranian existence for secular right. we will have his remarks translated inch toning hreurb live on our website. if you want to check it out you can head over to foxnews.com. right now brand-new stories and break news. >> reporter: including this going toe-to-toe in a crucial toss upstate, president obama and governor romney both campaigning in the same battleground state today. we'll take you straight to ohio and talk about the strategies there, plus violent protests in two european capitols. latest fall outs from efforts to slash out of control government spending. what the street battles you're seeing across the p
apparently hit offshore, 7.9 magnitude according to u.s. geological survey. originally there were tsunami warnings, pretty common in a case like this of a very powerful earthquake happening offshore. the tsunami warnings have been lifted. so far no reports of damage but it is early. a major 7.9-magnitude earthquake off the northwest coast, pacific side of costa rica, near generally the town of liberia. if we get more information about damage or other problems resulting from it we'll bring them to you "happening now." right now brand knew stories breaking news. jenna: we're live at the democratic national convention as former president clinton getting ready for his big speech tonight. as we get new reaction what first lady michelle obama had to say. >>> charges of national security leaks rocking israel forcing prime minister netanyahu to cancel a cabinet meeting. what one of his cabinet members is demand something even more shocking. we'll tell you about that. >>> verdict watch at the drew peterson murder trial. the jury is deliberating the case of the former police officer accused of kill
, the developments in the middle east are far from being bumps in the road. jon: joining us now former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., ambassador john bolt tops, also a fox news contributor and a mitt romney supporter i should add. we are joined by cia covert operations officer mike baker. welcome, gentlemen to goat of you. mr. ambassador, ahmadinejad was here last year, he was here the year before that, this was to be his last address to the u.n. general assembly as iran's p. it doesn't aeu paoefr that time has mellowed him. >> no, he's not showing that he's intimidated at all by the economic sanctions imposed on iran or efforts to isolate him. the form lacing that you describe is one that is intended to appeal to the large majority in the united nations that he can look to for aid and comfort. i think it's clearly designed to support iran's position across the board on the nuclear weapons program, syria, you name it. jon: we talk about the sanctions and we often use the word crip blink, are they? >> they are causing economic pain there is no doubt about it. the drop in the cost of oil has c
there rose up following that attack and the killing of the u.s. consulate in benghazi and a lot of other trouble associated with these groups but nothing is easy here in libya. late word from benghazi one of those targeted militias says they're not going to give up and they're doing their own arresting. meanwhile some new killing of ambassador stevens and three other americans in benghazi nearly two weeks ago. "new york times" saying something like a dozen cia -- were based at the consulate there doing important work, tracking militant extremist groups in the region. they also say that at least some fbi agents are on the ground in benghazi. we've got a couple of sources saying otherwise but all agree that the insecurity situation in this country is making detective work on this crime very difficult indeed. finally, patti ann, back to that new word about the last hours of ambassador stevens. the libyan government is now saying he was alive when libyan civilians found him inside that smokey consulate building. then they brought him out, brought him to a hospital where he then died. a docto
confirm that u.s. intelligence knew the attack was a terrorist attack within the first 24 hours. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridgewashington with more on this. catherine, when we say some lawmakers are making this claim we're referring to high-ranking republicans. what about the democrats? is this bipartisan this criticism in nature? >> reporter: it is now, jenna. good morn. late thursday we had a letter from the senate foreign relations committee, it is pa bipartisan letter and sent to the deputy secretary of state asking about more information in the security situation in benghazi and what they are doing to mitigate the threat and what they knew about the growing threat of al qaeda and islamist militias in the eastern libya. as well as the overrunning of the missions in egypt and also in yemen of the they are ask requesting a briefing right after the current recess. as you mentioned significantly the letter was signed by 19 senators, 10 of them democrats. the push for more answers is not limited to republicans. >> all members of the foreign relations committee both
today. temperatures ahead of the first front, very warm. 90s across florida. you do have heavier rain will be slightly cooler. 82 for the high in tallahassee. look at new orleans. people are without power. high temperature 90 degrees. very humid as well it. will feel even hotter. jenna we have a lot of activity across the tropics. tropical storm leslie, a very large storm spanning about 500 miles from one end to the other. we could be feeling impacts from bermuda as a category 2 hurricane heading into this weekend. jenna: got to remember that also. still hurricane season. maria, thank you very much. jon: remember before the republican convention? jenna: way back then. jon: we were worried about isaac hitting the tampa. jenna: nothing happened. in that weather sense. could be metaphorically which leads to the next segment. jon: first lady michelle obama headlines tonight's democratic convention. of course her speech will be compared to ann romney's last week but michelle obama is certainly not new to the spotlight. our mike emanuel takes a closer look at the first lady over the past fo
a homicide bomber rammed a car filled with explosives into a u.s. government vehicle. the americans are expected to recover. this fiery scene is a gruesome reminder of the dangers of working in pakistan where taliban and al qaeda militants operate. so far no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. jenna: a controversial editorial today about women in combat written by a female marine captain. it is titled, get over it. we're not all created equal. captain catty petrionio says women are not fit for intran try and putting them on the front line to hurt national security. correspondent jennifer griffin is in washington with more. >> reporter: ironically she served two tours in cam pat so she knows what she is talking about. first time ever two women qualified and gone through the what is known as the infantry officer course at quantico this month. this is a grueling 86-day training course designed to weed out marine infantry officers. she played ice hockey in college. she squatts 200 pounds and benches 145 pounds. she has already seen combat. two tours, one in iraq and an even
qaeda was involved in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. and as we told you moments ago we're now learning that u.s. intelligence has labeled this assault an act of terrorism and did so very early on. however the president has yet to publicly refer to it as a terror attack. something he is facing some criticism for. >> i'm sure there's some of that motivation to just keep everything as it is until after november 4th. but the thing really scary about it is, that the people in the region believe the united states is weak and withdrawing and you do that, you leave a power vacuum. jenna: joining us now, -- kt mcfarland, fox security analyst. you worked inside a variety of administration as part of the defense department. what do you think is going on here? >> initially, jenna, i thought, okay they don't want to be accused after mission accomplished moment. president said we won the war or terror. bin laden is dead and now he is campaigning. if it looks like there was terrorist attack or maybe al qaeda affiliation they don't want to say that so they really didn't want to have
% popularity again. remember, he had a long dip there -- [laughter] in the late '90s all the way through the bush administration. but now he's back at 70 because people remember the economic good times in the 1990s. but, again, i don't think that's going to translate for the november election. should republicans attack bill clinton? i think they need to refute the facts he presented. they may have other facts to counter the facts bill clinton presented including arithmetic. [laughter] which was the field president clinton stressed. but i don't think they want it to get into personal attacks on bill clinton. it's pointless. jenna: interesting. arithmetic, that'll be exciting television, i'm sure, when we present it. one quick question, you know, americans do like a comeback. you mentioned the president, president clinton, with a comeback there after some obstacles in his career. but you say one of the interesting things you saw last night was secretary of state hillary clinton may very well make a run in 102016. -- 2016. why do you think that is? >> oh, i think once you have come achingly
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)